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Partnership and S-Corporation Taxation
Partnerships and flow-through entities face unique tax challenges.  You need the specialized assistance of professionals who have decades of experience consulting to maximize value for all parties, while assuring that the details of compliance receive the attention they demand.  Sklar & Associates can help you with:

  • Tax consulting, including
    • analyzing partnership agreements
    • evaluating consequences of acquisitions or other transactions
    • reviewing capital accounts
    • determining partnership tax distributions
    • modeling scenarios for post-formation alternatives
  • Federal & state tax return consulting and preparation
  • IRS and state tax notice consulting
  • State tax withholding and tax payment consulting
  • Tax examinations and audits

Individual Income Taxation
As an entrepreneur, senior executive or high-net worth individual, you confront a daunting series of choices that can dramatically affect your tax situation.  Our team will help you select the options that work best for you and provide continuing assistance with:

  • Tax consulting and tax planning to minimize or defer income tax
  • Federal and state tax return consulting and preparation
  • Quarterly estimated tax payment calculation
  • Federal and state tax notice consulting
  • Offer in Compromise and other tax filings assistance
  • Tax examinations and audits

Corporate Taxation
The landscape for corporate taxation is changing rapidly—and the economic environment’s volatility makes selecting the right tax approach more important than ever.  We ensure your tax strategies align with your goals and that your reporting structure meets your fiduciary and regulatory obligations with assistance in:

  • Tax consulting and planning, including
    • Year-end planning
    • Tax minimization strategies
    • Tax consequences of specific transactions
  • Federal and state estimated tax payment calculations
  • Federal and state tax return consulting and preparation
  • Tax examinations and audits

International Assignments
The global recession and the variety of responses taken by national governments have created new complications for international assignments.  Sklar & Associates has the experience to help you navigate these changes, protect your inpatriates and expatriates, and ensure your company and your people comply with federal and state laws by carefully:

  • Structuring international assignments
  • Offering tax protection and tax equalization program assistance
  • Conducting interviews regarding U.S. tax impact of international assignments
  • Consulting on and preparing federal and state tax returns


Accounting Services
In addition to our tax services, we assist clients by providing a number of accounting services, including:

  • Compilations
  • Bookkeeping assistance
  • Consulting with business owners
  • Interpreting financial reports and information

Other Services

Other Services
Through our professional network, Sklar & Associates also offers the following services:

  • Financial reporting and auditing
  • Accounting system consultation and implementation
  • Estate and financial planning
  • Family wealth management
  • Litigation services